Trouble and Kingsley


Okay... I don't remember taking this picture, but you will notice that it is from the ground looking up at the roof of the tent.

I was at a really good bar. And fell off my stool, "Time to go home... ", but when I got out into the street I could only walk in a circle. Laughing I asked some people if I could hang onto their shoulders until I got the hang of walking again, and they agreed.

At center camp I parted ways with them and staggered to my own camp. The only problem was I came to the back of the camp, and walking that way is down right dangerous due to tent stakes and lines and such.

But then I see Trouble and Kingsley!!! "Hey, can you help me get to the tent?" Sure enough they grab me on either side and take me... to the main tent. And plop me in a chair. Then they leave saying they will be back to check on me.

"Well, this isn't where I want to be", I think. I want to be in my own tent. I proceed to get up from the chair. And I proceed to fall face down on the ground.

"Hum.. this isn't so bad", I think. But after a while I still want to go back to my own tent. So I start calling out, "help...... Help... HELP"

I don't remember anything after that, but Trouble and Kingsley apparently DID come back because I ended up in my tent, and I found this picture in my camera.

Thanks Guys... I appreciate the care!!!!

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