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This page is a collection of videos about the Black Rock Desert.. and the Burning Man event that happens there. There are thousands of videos available about Burning Man. The ones here I selected because they are interesting and have some commentary attached. Enjoy.

Oh The Places You Will Go

This video is the one that hit the public so hard that tne next year was the first year that tickets sold out almost as soon as they went on sale. It made Burning Man look so interesting that it became a part of many folks bucket lists. It is based on the Dr. Suess book "Oh The Places You Will Go" and narrates the book with burners and Burning Man as the backdrop. The problem with the ticket sell out is that many reqular burners - people who took responsibility for creating certain camps - did NOT manage to get tickets. As a result, many of the reqular camps disappeared that year.. and some never came back. As a result, the Burning Man organization came up with the idea of Directed Sales.. A set of tickets set aside to be sold to those that build major camps and make important contributions. It was an interesting year after this video came out. Enjoy.. OH THE PLACES YOU WILL GO

The Temple

Every year, along with the Man, a temple is built. This has become a sacred space at Burning Man. This is where people go to remember the important people in their life who have passed on. In the temple you will find hand-made memorias to people no longer with us. This is a place to grieve and let go. The Man burns on Saturday night, and it is a wild party. The temple burns on Sunday evening, and it is a solemn and quiet occasion. The video's here will try to convey the feeling of the temple, and why it is important.

What Does The Burning Man Temple Mean To You?

Burning Man 2017 Temple

Burning Man 2015: The Temple of Promise Burn

Burning Man 2012: The Temple

Burning Man 2011: Temple of Transition Video


This is the largest explosion I have ever seen at Burning Man. I was standing 3/4 of a mile from this when it went off and I could feel the heat. I can't imagine what the crowd gathered near-by felt. It was an art peice known as Crude Awakening.. a set of large figures praying around a large oil derrick. The figures were metal, but the derrick was wood.. and this is how they set it on fire. Enjoy this here Search for CRUDE AWAKENING on Youtube for others like this.


One of the popular attractions at Burning Man is THUNDERDOME.. run by Death Camp. If you have seen the movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, then you already have an idea what goes on here. Two people are suspended from elastic bands in a large geodesic dome. They then have to fight it out. Unlike the movie, they don't fight to the death.. just until one is delcared the winner. This is so efficiently run that while two are fighting, the next contestants are being readied, and the previous are being stripped of gear and shown the way out. People climb all over the dome to watch and metal music plays most of the night. It is great fun, and if you need to work out some aggression, a great place and way to do it. Enjoy it here. Oh, the fighting is not restricted to men.. check this out. And for more, search for BURNING MAN THUNDERDOME on Youtube.


The Black Rock Desert is a harsh environment. And a dusty one. If you go to Burning Man you have to be prepared for the dust. Many days are clear and beautiful. But, dust storms happen, and when they do you could find your self in a white out.. not able to see more than 15 feet or even less. This is why you want a face mask and goggles, because otherwise.. well, good luck breathing. Sound like and exageration.. check out these videos HERE and HERE and this very bad one. And finally my bike ride in the dust.

The Skinny on Burning Man

So, while researching this page I came across this set of videos by Project Pterodactyl with all sorts of information about Burning Man. This are full of good information and well worth sharing. I've selected a few here that look important... but they have tons in the previous link. Check them out and Enjoy...

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